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The Cardinal Countdown: 17 Days Until Kickoff

Memphis v Louisville
We know his parents are deaf...
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: The local state champ who played QB for the Rocks may not have seen live reps last year but he is not gathering moss just yet. The walk-on added some depth to the QB room and provided some nice scouting services for the team in 2021 (my man is a spitting image of DJ Uiagalelei).

2022 Season Outlook: While my crystal ball does not predict us seeing much of Nathan again in 2022, I must admit it doesn’t really predict much at all…because it’s a just a ball. But speaking of balls, McElroy can still sling it and will continue to look for chances to help guys improve in the QB room, help get reps to wideouts, help get reps to the secondary, and blind any fool who tries to check his credentials with the finger bling and a “Still got this fat ass ring” that reads ‘state champ’.

Sweet Tweet:

If you think Pete Thomas is out here playing with these kids…Pete Thomas ain’t out here playing with these kids. Tough to see QB1 off the podium but I assume driving in slides and turning a go-kart in a marshmellow suit is tricky for anyone. Congrats on 2nd place to Nathan….no rings for that performance, boss.


2021 Season Recap: The founding father of football, Jackson Hamilton, got some PT in a couple games last year (EKU/WF) but was able to retain his redshirt and keep that extra year of eligibility tucked firmly under his powdered wig. “Space JHam” elevated himself into the stat books with a tackle against EKU that was so hard they thought about changing the spelling of the word Colonel, until some kid’s mom started yelling about tradition. J. Ham-let thinks “the lady doth protest too much”.

2022 Season Outlook: The outlook for Jackson is a bit better now that he has another year under his wool pants. The backer from just outside of ATL is trying to avoid being an Outkast in the eyes of Coach Gasparato…who is coming to his senses after being out riding fences for so long, now. Listed on the three deep behind KJ and Momo (‘All My Life…he prayed for someone like you’) Hammy is pulling his weight and trying to move up the depth chart with his length and the 20 some odd pounds he’s put on that frame since last season. Footwook and midsection movement will be vital in Hamilton staying in front of guys in open space. In other words, the Woodstock native needs to be a bit more “hippy” when he flips from the strong side to the weak side up field. Stick with me folks…it’s getting nutty around here.

Sweet Tweet:

See…getting hippy. CardinalStrong tells no lies.