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The Cardinal Countdown: 20 Days Until Kickoff

Middle Tennessee v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

**Quick Side Note: Nine of the next ten days, and 16 of the final 20 days have at least two players wearing the same number on that day, which means I am cranking it into over drive in the final three weeks. If you bump into me on the streets give me a hug…and prayers up for my family**

2021 Season Recap: Maurice spent 2021 at Coffee High School, which makes sense as he ran around his entire career as if he was on a caffeine high. The speedster from Georgia was a four year all-conference player, a three time all-state selection, was the Region Athlete of the Year as a Junior, and…..went step for step with Coffee High alumni Tyreek Hill a couple months ago in a 40 yard dash…

2022 Season Outlook: The “cheetah quick” Turner played both Wide Receiver and Running Back in high school and it looks like he may get a shot at both here at Louisville as well. Turner himself, and the staff have talked about getting him reps at RB while also seeing what he can do out of the slot. The three star prospect who picked the Cards over Tennessee, Cincinnati, and WKU may have a tough time cracking the rotation in ’22 but he is an absolute weapon that I think will fit in nicely moving forward.

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“I swear officer…I was sittin here on my stoop and I seent a bright light, then I seent some type of freaky fast alien float by me with a big bag hanging off his back, probably collecting human air samples or sumpin”


2021 Season Recap: Victoine played in four games last year for the Cards (FSU, NC State, Syracuse, Air Force) but didn’t register an stats during that time. As I mentioned last year on this very countdown with Brown the plan was likely to keep his redshirt in tact and limit his PT unless necessary, and that’s exactly what they did. So...last year was pretty much an unequivocal success by all accounts. Congrats, coaches.

2022 Season Outlook: While Brown isn’t likely to get significant reps in ’22 he will continue to push for PT among some of the better defensive players on this field this year in Gillotte, and Diaby. When Brown came in out of high school he was around 230 and the staff wanted to see him get up at 270 or so. He has added ten pounds since last year, but Sowders and staff will have their work cut out for them to add 30lbs on a guy who so physically active during the season. I think Brown will continue to bulk up a bit and physically mature into a nice situational player this year who can help spell guys when needed.

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I may strain my wrist or have my hand lock up trying to run through these player recaps the next few weeks…but greatness doesn’t come easy. Of course, mediocrity isn’t always easy, either. I’ll settle for somewhere in between.