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The Cardinal Countdown: 24 Days Until Kickoff

Miami Hurricanes v Louisville Cardinals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Sans one play in 2021 the majority of the Louisville fanbase would have little to no clue who Jaylin Aldrerman is or where he plays. But thankfully, that one play did happen, and because of it the Sophomore linebacker is forever etched into the mind of the Louisville faithful as ‘Mr. Pick Six’

While that play will go down as one of the crazier turn of events in Cardinal Stadium history it was revealed latter that Alderman, the true freshman, actually read it wrong and should have followed the vertical route up the field. Sometimes it’s skill, and sometimes it’s just pure luck. That play helped Alderman earn 3 starts in the next four games, his only three of the year, although he appeared in all 13 games across a couple phases of the game. The other stats weren’t eye popping (16 tackles, 1 TFL) but enough to keep him in the mix with playing time all season.

2022 Season Outlook: The coaches tipped the cap to Alderman last year for his football IQ, which helped him get onto the field early to begin with, and that knowledge will likely play into him seeing the field again this year. The pre-fall camp depth chart had him sitting at third team, but we know the two deep at those positions are not concrete, especially in the middle behind Monty and Momo, and Alderman will have a shot at getting some more of those reps. His help on special teams will continue I’m sure as he looks to solidify a more stable position inside. As we know after ’22 Monty and Momo will be “ no mo” as they both graduate and we need guys with some experience moving into those positions for next year. Look for Jones, Cloyd, and yes, Alderman, to make a push to be that next man up.

Sweet Tweet:

Back in high school my man JA played for the Wildcats and commonly said “Go Cats” in his twitter feed, yuck, and then I see his helmet looks like he’s rocking a Clemson paw on his head, yuck. He got a dog named Memphis, too?!? All signs pointed away from Louisville as his landing spot, but my man snatched those signs out of the air and took them 66 yards the other way to the crib. Really hoping the Pick Six doesn’t turn into the lone bright spot on his career, and is just included as part of a much larger highlight package when he hangs them up.