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The Cardinal Countdown: 58 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: If the name rings a bell for you local Cards fans, Ely was a linebacker for the Trinity Rocks here in Louisville back in 2020 and was part of a few special teams for Coach Beaty wining the state title a couple times before an injury in 2020, but also being a part of that title team as well. The linebacker from Louisville committed to gray shirt (due to injury) for App State and enroll a year later, but ultimately decided to head to Ball State and play for the birds last season. With a redshirt season in Muncie under his belt, Ely found his way back home and is now apart of the Louisville team as a walk-on.

2022 Season Outlook: Realistically Ely wont see much live action PT this year still getting back to 100% from his injury and he’s a bit undersized to be looking for helmets to hit coming across the middle of the field. Glad to have Ely back home and part of the local team, hoping he can get back to full health as he makes the majority of his contributions on the practice squad this year and looks for opportunities as his career progresses.

Sweet Tweet:

I don’t care who you are or what level you play. Winning the whole dang things three times is an impressive feat for sure. ‘Charlie and The Championship Factory’