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The Cardinal Countdown: 34 Days Until Kickoff

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: TJ saw limited action last season, only getting some reps in the Duke blowout, but the legacy recruit did grab a couple tackles and managed to keep his redshirt intact moving forward. For those who may not recall TJ is the son of former Louisville two way player Terry Quinn (’91-’94). TJ played mostly safety/DB in high school but the Cards have moved the big hitter down to linebacker officially where he can better utilize some of of his attributes.

2022 Season Outlook: TJ was one of the names that popped up early last year from Coach Brown as a newcomer making some nice plays during the offseason. So my assumption was that he would either see the field early or he would keep his redshirt depending upon progress and team health at the linebacker position. While TJ didn’t play much in ’21 I assume he will have some more opportunities this year to progress before getting a real shot to fill some big holes in ’23 with three of the four starting backers this year being Seniors. Keep an eye on Quinn this fall and see if he can make some noise in a crowded position early or if he’ll be more of a special teams/situational player this season. Quinn absolutely has some pop and more importantly a nose for finding the football. Great piece of that position group moving forward.

Sweet Tweet:

While I respect the K.O. I gotta be real with you TJ, I think having pads and a helmet in the ring is a bit of an unfair advantage. Poor Sonny Liston keeps getting knocked out by all these football players in the promotional material. Maybe we could drop a Piston Honda or Don Flamenco in there next time?

***Side note: I’m back from vacation, and while I was away one of my favorite days of the year occurred, the official release of the Louisville Football Media Guide. If it was posted elsewhere I apologize but for those who may have missed it find the link below to the electronic version. Happy Media Guide Day! ***