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2021-22 LCPT Semifinals: The Letter vs. Armando Bacot

Our penultimate showdown.

Only one can move on to face the NCAA/IARP in the ultimate uncool throwdown.


How It Got Here:

—Defeated Hot Hot (84%-16%) in the quarterfinals


—Letter sent by supporters of Tom Jurich which was unnecessarily distributed to members of the media following U of L naming Josh Heird as its permanent athletic director.

—Letter contained a number of grammatical errors including in the very first word of the letter, its spelling of interim president Lori Gonzalez’s last name, and its use of the non-word “shouldoria.”

—Letter was widely criticized by Louisville fans, even long-time supporters of Jurich, as unnecessarily divisive and harmful.



How It Got Here:

—Defeated Wake Forest Clock Operator (62%-38%) in the quarterfinals.


—Appeared to foul out approximately 17 times during North Carolina’s overtime win at Louisville on Feb. 1. Instead he finished as the game’s difference-maker, totaling 19 points and 22 rebounds.

—Flopped on this decisive play that drew a flagrant foul call on Jae’Lyn Withers and then admitted to Withers in the handshake line that he flopped.

Attempted to trip Jarrod West at one point and also gave a forearm to the face of Sydney Curry. Neither play resulted in a foul call on Bacot, and the latter resulted in a foul and a subsequent technical foul on Louisville.

—Impartial spectators from across the country were left blown away by the officiating.

Who moves onto the finals? You’ve got 24 hours to decide.


Who was less cool in 2021-22?

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    The Letter
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  • 56%
    Armando Bacot
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