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The Cardinal Countdown: 40 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: I went back and read last years post on Travelstead and I’ve come to a very clear and determinate understanding….Brock loves ‘The Cardinal Countdown’. Last year I was gripping about lack of touchbacks I’ve seen from the kicker here at Louisville for years but said Brock had the leg to boost that number, considering in ’20 he upped it to around 25% which was head and shoulders above what we had seen in the past. I thought with the rule change and his AJ Dillon sized legs he could “hopefully” get into that 30-35% touchback range on the season. My man trotted out there with his golden toe and boomed a 41.89% TB percentage, while averaging over 62.4yd/att. While both of those are middle of the road nationally, it’s a HUGE improvement over what we’ve seen here the last six or so seasons. For comparisons sake, the last kicker to even break 30% was John Wallace in 2015 (We still loved Petrino, Pitino, and Jurich back then!). Also of note was that Brock went 5 for 5 on extra points last year when called upon. Maybe something to watch...hint, hint.

2022 Season Outlook: While we had our share of specialists struggles Travelstead did pretty well overall and performed better than what we’ve seen recently as a specialist at kickoffs. Since we know he’s an avid reader now I’ll challenge him to….50% touchbacks in 2022! You can do this BT. Travelstead appeared in all 13 games last year and I see no reason that will change this year….unless of course, we play 14 games (Ohhhh).

Sweet Tweet:

Brock actually has a younger brother who is a long snapper, and he’s pretty good (Rubio endorsement). Been getting some sniffs from around the ACC and SEC. Looks like he’s visited Louisville in the past and seemed to enjoy his time. Like my Dad always told me when I was growing up….’One Travelstead is nice, but two Travelsteads is like free money’. The man was a savant.


2021 Season Recap: For those who may not follow the local antics of Darius Jones, the Louisville prospect from Butler was committed to play for Air Force out of high school after also receiving offers from UK and Michigan, but appeared to never land on their roster. I’m not sure what happened nor can I recall the backstory other than I know he’s been with the Cards since summer of ’20. Last year Jones didn’t see any time at corner but the former All-district DB has some talent that busted him out of the sunny side of Louisville (south end) and found a spot on the Cards roster.

2022 Season Outlook: I don’t envision Darius being on the Cards two deep at corner this year as we sneak closer and closer to ‘media guide day’, but the RS Freshman still has plenty of time to try and make a mark on the program. His size is right in line with what the staff has gone after previously as they don’t usually pursue the longer lanky corner but the shorter, faster guys who can break on the ball. Sit back this year, learn from some experienced guys like Clark, Chandler Jones, Riley, Brownlee, etc and then continue to fight for a spot in ’23.

Sweet Tweet:

Not really into video games anymore….but you better believe I’m on a PS5 scavenger hunt once that NCAA Football game drops next year. Don’t let a Mario kid run you off the field youngin’s!