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The Cardinal Countdown: 41 Days Until Kickoff

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 06 Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game - Louisville v Ole Miss Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: For those not familiar with Isaac…….where the heck you been?!? My man is playing his double redshirt season (traditional/COVID) as a Super Senior and is looking to build on what he’s done the five seasons past (this dude played with Lamar in 2017), starting as a walk-on and transitioning into a key piece on offense. Martin had one catch last year for four yards but the item of note was that it actually came out of the Y position as he lined up off the hash and ran a little five yard flat route. I was excited to see this a few times last season because it allowed him and Ford to be on the field at the same time. This flex often allows Ford to be more of a traditional threat at receiver and Martin stays in to block. You can call him a receiver, a H-back, or any other fancy name but the man is a fullback in his soul. #NeckrollFor’22

2022 Season Outlook: While Martin has been around long enough to have his locker room seat permanently molded to the shape of his behind, he’s not sitting down on the job in season six. While many see him as a back up or second option to Marshon, as noted above, he can split it out as well and create some challenges for the defense as an extra receiver. Also, with both him and Ford on the field together you can basically have two solid blocking backs which are very good at opening holes for talented running backs, or in the off chance your QB has some mobility as well (wouldn’t know what that’s like at all around here). Watch for Martin to keep running over guys in ’22 but keep an eye open for situational antics to try and get the elder statesman’s in the endzone for the first time in his career.

Sweet Tweet:

Music City Bowl Champs….or a country band that just finished a set at the ‘Wildhorse Saloon’? You be the judge.


2021 Season Recap: Just a shade under one Puryear ago, Ramon was awarded a scholarship for his work ethic, his drive, his attitude, but most importantly, because he’s a really dang good football player. The local product from Eastern who “walked” his way into a full ride showed what the staff saw once again last year, competing in twelve games and finishing with ten tackles up front. Puryear also played “meet you at the QB” a couple times last season for a few half-sacks against both Virginia and Syracuse. Continuing to increase his size is important, but his agility was key in keeping him on the two deep last year.

2022 Season Outlook: If not for the emergence of freak athlete Ashton Gillotte Puryear is likely eyeing a starting spot on the line in ’22 and since camp has yet to start it’s not out of the question he still works his way into that role. Earning some starts early last year before the staff realized it was too difficult to keep Ashton off the field, Puryear played well along the line and was holding his own with the rest of the front. The challenge for Puryear and the rest of the D-line is to not only hold position, but get better push into the backfield. While the run game was mostly held in check, Louisville was barely Top 50 nationally in TFL and sacks in 2021. Yaya, Lole, Ramon, Ashton, Dez, and the rest of the front know that has to improve this year to have a shot at winning some meaningful games late in the season.

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Got to be 100 with you Ramon. There have been some nightmares mixed in with that sleep some of the last few years. This tweet was from a couple season ago but I think Puryear and his teammates can sense something this season. On paper, I’m looking for a statistical jump in overall production on that side of the ball with the guys they added and the ones coming back, especially up front against the run. Hope this time I’m right.