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The Cardinal Countdown: 42 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Rutgers Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Lifson played in six games last season and got some run for the Cards at the Y position. Lifson had a nice grab last year but you probably missed it because you either turned the game off or were staring off blankly into the distance at the end of the 52-21 Kentucky victory. Lifson made a nice back shoulder grab from Conley which set up a late Burkley touchdown to make things appear respectable. Only need about 25 more of those this year Josh.

2022 Season Outlook: While Lifson likely isn’t on the two deep when fall camp starts the local freshman will have some opportunities to get some situational snaps hopefully late in some contests (really could use our annual dog walk of Syracuse this year, Satterfield). Lifson has good size and can be a big body in the middle of the field if things get hairy at that position this year. Long term, a solid option in the Y spot to get some reps during his career.

Sweet Tweet:

I posted this last year but I don’t care. If it was me making the catch, I’d have it running on loop 24/7 in my house.


2021 Season Recap: Other than staring as Malik Cunningham in a made for TV movie (look at them teeth, lookin’ like a movie star) Smith played in eleven games last year on what I believe to be a mix of linebacker and special teams (my old man brain swears I saw him on kickoffs but I didn’t go back and confirm). Allen did pick up half a sack against Syracuse last year but recorded no other stats.

2022 Season Outlook: I’m not sure if Smith is going to crack the heavy rotation as of today, although I’m not the one seeing him work everyday nor have we started fall camp, so things can certainly change. I think we’ll continue to see Smith in the third phase of the game this year and he’ll be looking for opportunities to get in and make an impact when his number is called. Linebacker is a spot to watch in ’22 because I think we have the chance to be sneaky good with some depth there now, or really drop off with the departure of Avery. Could be very important to how the defense performs overall this season.

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This tweet was from awhile back, but “jersey/helmet/pant combo” stories get ALL the opinions from the fanbase. Everyone has a take. What do you guys like from those three options?