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The Cardinal Countdown: 44 Days Until Kickoff

Pitt Panthers v Louisville Cardinals 10-13-2012

**A quick break in the countdown to you know that I’m going to be on vacation for the next week or so, and since time does not stop, neither will this countdown, and therefore I have pre-written some of these posts during that time. So if something happens in the next few days (depth chart, major injury, etc) and you think “what is this guy talking about...didn’t he see the news” Well, I didn’t. Alright. Back at it**

2021 Season Recap: Selah was one of the most heralded recruits in the ’22 class for a couple of reasons. Not only was he really good at football, but he also went to school within a two minute drive of the Louisville campus. Securing the hometown lineman was a big get for Satterfield and staff last year and started some positive momentum on the recruiting trail which frankly hasn't stopped for the last eight months or so. Check out Selah last year, playing for the back to back to back State runner-up Male High program…

2022 Season Outlook: While Selah played both inside and out during his high school career the coaches seem to indicate, at least for now, he’s going to focus on being a DE for the Cards. I think Brown has incredible potential up front and I know Coach Ivey is drooling over getting his hands on him to do work this fall. While there is a lot to be decided in the next couple months I’m not sure if we see Brown a significant amount in ’22, which to me would be great news, as it likely means Yaya, Gillotte, Puryear, and others are holding their own and he can keep some eligibility and prep for a larger role next season. I’m excited about what Brown can do for that group in the years to come both on and off the field.

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Kentucky Derby races, my presence in the spot is so abrasive

Boxed at the Churchill Downs, that’s motivation


And shorty like, “You know that boy Selah is goin’ places”

I know


2021 Season Recap: Sherman played in nine games last year for the Cards and has positioned himself really well within the tight ends group as a RS Sophomore to see more action soon. Sherman didn’t register a catch in ’21 but did a good job at the six other things they ask of a guy playing tight end in the offense. Very encouraging to see him progress the last couple years. In case you forgot, Sherman was very active in ’20 as well. All growns up.

2022 Season Outlook: I still think Melton is the starter 12 games out of 13, but Sherman will see a good amount of time if I had to guess. Francis has the intangibles to be really good. And if you got this far and are still wondering what the “six other things” are for a tight end here is my list. 1. Can block well in space 2. Can block well as a unit (extension of o-line) 3. Can use speed to get upfield to create space 4. Can use size to create space across the middle 5. Can truck stick guys in the open field 6. Can bench-press a small car. Sherman is checking all the boxes and pushing around VW bugs in his spare time. The ‘tank’ will make some plays this year, bank on it..

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A lot can happen out on that campaign trail. I don't need a FiveThirtyEight poll to tell me Baker ain’t winning any elections nowadays.