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The Cardinal Countdown: 45 Days Until Kickoff

East Carolina v Louisville

2021 Season Recap: Duane played in twelve games last season for the Cards getting reps at tight end and also playing on special teams. Martin got his name on the stat sheet a few times, making an eight yard grab against Kentucky and pulling in four tackles on kickoffs #twophasechamp.

2022 Season Outlook: Duane has gone a bit under the radar while here on campus but I like what he brings to the team at the tight end spot. I know there are only so many balls to go around (stop it) but Martin has really worked on developing his hands and being a target in the pass game and I think can make some plays when called upon. While I believe Dez Melton and Marshon are your starters, Martin can see time if they go into a more traditional 12 personnel and run a two tight end set. Satterfield has shown some variations of this package but I’ll be interested to see how play calling and formations may differ with Lance Taylor in the mix this season. Keep an eye on Martin to try and take another step this year and position himself into a larger contributor as an upperclassman.

Sweet Tweet:

For a minute I thought my man D-Mart was gonna hang his MVP trophy from the Christmas tree like an ornament. Boss move. I think we should start introducing awards as everyday items into our home. I just assume Lamar’s Heisman is chillin’ by the door, where he hangs his keys everyday when he comes home.


2021 Season Recap: Why did the Cards grab a 6-2/185 DB out of Pikeville…

Okay, I get it. Pugh has some rocket fuel in those cleats and played both sides of the ball on the way to a state championship. I’ll take a little Jason Sehorn on the squad. Seth didn’t play any reps that would show up on his “official record” but was a part of the practice squad in ’21.

2022 Season Outlook: As noted a yesterday the DB room is pretty stacked up so Seth may feel like he’s on the ladder machine at the gym, climbing and climbing but appearing to never reach the “top” if you will, but that effort is all a part of building up the guys around him and helping develop depth at a key position for this team in ’22. Some of these guys struggle and Pugh may got a shot, if nothing else his speed may get him some opportunities on special teams this year.

Sweet Tweet:

My man Pugh was chasing down cheetahs on the track, winning trophies on the field , and struggling to fit that big brain his helmet. Pugh not only killed it on the ACT but also had some Ivy League offers to play football. For any teammates reading this I’m not encouraging you to cheat…not my style…but maybe find out where Pugh sits in the class, take a seat close by, and buy him a Powerade or something. Just sayin’