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The Cardinal Countdown: 46 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Darrian joined the Cards last season out of Danville (pronounced Danvul, ‘round here). While growing up on the banks of Dix River presented Darrian with some stiff competition, it was quite the step up to get to play in the ACC and Bell did a great job adjusting. The former Danville linebacker came in last year and found a slot in special teams and got an opportunity to get on the field in that phase of the game as part of the kickoff/return team.

2022 Season Outlook: Bell has decent size for a linebacker and may have a shot in seasons to come with getting on the field as the Cards are a bit top heavy with upperclassmen when it comes to the projected depth chart (Momo, Monty, Marvin, Yasir, etc all in final season). Look for Bell on a few more occasions this year on special teams and maybe breaking his maiden in some late game situations at linebacker.

Sweet Tweet:

Darrian, like many of the other guys on this team pictured above, worked his tail off to get the opportunity to come play at Louisville and has not slowed down since arriving on campus. Bell posted a bunch of things he’s been involved in since arriving to Louisville (volunteer work, supporting FCA, etc) and he’s still keeping those grades up as an incoming freshman, where weight and study habits can fluctuate like Louisville temps in the Spring. Congrats to Bell, look forward to watching him develop during his career.