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The Cardinal Countdown: 48 Days Until Kickoff

Pitt Panthers v Louisville Cardinals 10-13-2012

2021 Season Recap: Can we take a moment here on Day 48 and peel back the curtain a bit? I’m the old man cranking wheels, pushing buttons and talking into the autotuned mic (do people even get this reference anymore?) and I was scratching my head on Saunders. Wasn’t familiar with him personally and couldn’t dig up much on him online. Baffled. And then my old Carmen Sandiego skills kicked into overdrive and I found him. The challenge was because the UofL roster has my man in witness protection listed as ‘Dakarian Sanders’ when his momma very clearly named him ‘Dakadrien Saunders’. So here we are, year two in the program, and the Eminence native is looking to make a mark this year as a PWO, both on the field and on the official roster.

2022 Season Outlook: The current roster is very deep in the secondary. You can look through that $10mil NASA telescope and still see freshman floating around in the DB room looking for somebody to man up in open space. So, getting on the field this year will be tough for many of the underclassmen. Best of luck to (checks note) Dakadrien as he grinds it out in ’22 for the home state squad.

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Day 1 of Camp back in ’20 for various teams was August 4th, which means we are sniffin’ out fall camp already. I can smell the Icy Hot and stank feet deep in my lungs.


2021 Season Recap: Bohler was a PWO for the Cards last year out of St. X, leading the Tigers in tackles back in 2019, including seven sacks, and earning ‘All-State’ accolades for the Louisville native. Bohler committed to the Cards back in February of 2020 and saw action on the practice squad last year.

2022 Season Outlook: While I don’t see a ton of PT for Hale in 2022 the former All-State linebacker can certainly continue to push some of the outside backers to get better each day. Glad to see some of the walk-on spots filled up with some stud local talent.

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Spring 2020 was wild y’all. Pandemic was blowing up, masks on masks on masks, and every football player in the country was out here pushing cars like a backwoods salesman. World was crazy. Speaking of crazy, Bohler is the cousin to CC favorite ‘Sunny’ Will Stein. Circle of life, folks.

Louisville v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images