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The Cardinal Countdown: 51 Days Until Kickoff

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 17 Louisville at Houston Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

*If you’re reading this it means you have made it through the dog days of summer and come out the other side, after today having now read through every offensive lineman recap for the 2022 season. God bless the big men, but your boy is ready to cover some other positions…that’s what she said*

2021 Season Recap: Austin had so much fun getting his lone PT (and start) against Wake Forest back in 2020 that he made a request of the staff to only play him against Wake Forest again in 2021 (he didn’t make that request…that I know of). While a bit of an oddity Collins only saw action against Wake once again last year, meaning he’s played in two games his career, both of them Wake Forest (Rumor is he is a matchup nightmare for their lefties). While I kid about Collins, the truth is he slid in at center in 2020 for the first time ever and did a solid job, and now this year will likely be backing up Hudson at the same spot.

2022 Season Outlook: For having never played the position less than two years ago Collins has worked himself into the “one snap away” scenario of being the fulltime center for the Cards. While we hope that is not the case it’s impressive none the less to see his hard work pay off and for him to find spot on the two deep, I assume. The Perrysburg, OH native who made way to The Ville via CAL will look for some situational opportunities this year, but without question his family and friends have October 29th circled on the calendar….when they play Wake again. Come on guys, keep up.

Sweet Tweet:

‘AC Slayer’ out here murdering wiffle balls on a muggy Sunday evening. Treating the backdoor slitty like a Wake Forest D-lineman, getting the heat every time they step on the field. Trends change, styles change, music changes…but one thing never changes. Chicks dig the long ball.