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The Cardinal Countdown: 87 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Purdue Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Pedersen did what many expected him to do last year and took a redshirt his first season in the program. I actually thought the staff may toss him out there in a few of the no contests (Duke, Cuse, etc) just to get him some live reps but they decided to keep him factory sealed at the collegiate level and break him open in 2022.

2022 Season Outlook: The good news for anyone looking to get on the field and make an impact is that if you have position flexibility your odds increase substantially. That’s the scenario Christian finds himself in entering his second year in the program. Coach Holt pulled Pedersen in from the west coast because the Cards offense offers him some options in the more traditional tight end role, sealing the edge, getting up field to block, being a big target in the middle, etc and also in the H back spot which Marshon Ford has made more well known in recent seasons around these parts.

While my personal opinion is that I like the 6-3/230 Pedersen more in the H back spot, new TE Coach Stepp has yet to call and ask for my takes. I do think Ford can eat up a lot of snaps in that role and they will also look to Isaac Martin when they need Ford as more of an offense threat, but there should be some windows opened for Christian to try and plant his flag in 2022. The TE room is deep, but when you’re filling two spots the numbers can add up quickly. Healthy competition is always good, and I like Pedersen to see his number called in a few games this year.

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