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The Cardinal Countdown: 89 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

89 Days

When the Cards don’t have a player wearing the jersey number of the corresponding day in the countdown I’ll hit you with something interesting, noteworthy, or at minimum slightly entertaining related to that number. Let’s get nuts.

In ’89 Carwell Gardner caught 46 passes coming out of the backfield for the Cards. To this day that remains the single season record for receptions by a running back. The Trinity alum played mostly the fullback position for the Cards in his final season. To add some perspective to this stat, in 2021 the Cards entire running back room (5 players) only had 28 receptions for the whole season, and The Cards leading receiver overall for the year, Marshon Ford, only had 49. Carwell was out here cooking fools, neck roll and all.

FYI: Rumor is Carwell wasn’t a fan of the Michigan Wolverines. Me either. Let’s go #CardinalNine, Go (home) Blue.