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The Cardinal Countdown: 67 Days Until Kickoff

University of Utah Utes vs University of Louisville Cardinals Photo by Andy Lyons/Allsport/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Luke was one of the guys who “stole” a year when it comes to eligibility during the COVID season. While it was likely he wouldn’t see much action in 2020 he didn’t have to use a redshirt so on paper this is just his second season in the program. In real life (is any of this real) he’s entering his third offseason coming off a year where he played in eight contests, backing up an all-ACC player in Caleb Chandler at left guard. Kandra has good size, good speed, and a great head of hair, which I believe is an Elder grad requirement for all O-lineman (looking at you E Wood). His play last year was encouraging for a newbie, as he seemed to play well when giving the opportunity.

2022 Season Outlook: Kandra, much like Gonzalez yesterday, will not be on the front of the newspaper each Sunday (do those still exist) but he will be someone to watch as part of the group who is next in line for the ‘Band of Brothers’. With the Cards likely losing Reid, Chandler, and Hudson at least, they need to have a second team that is ready to step in and make plays in 2023, and we don’t get there without some quality reps in 2022. Kandra added 20lb+ from this time last year so that size will help against some of the more challenging lines in the ACC and beyond (I plan on playing some more significant ‘beyond’ games during his last three seasons than the First Responders Bowl, and I hope he does as well).

Sweet Tweet:

Almost all the way through the MCU movies, only have ‘Endgame’ left to watch in coming weeks. I know I’m about a decade behind but really enjoyed going through them one by one. Will be glad when the Spider-Man movies slide over to Disney+ in next couple of years. Probably only take me another decade to get through all nine movies.