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Tuesday Thoughts: Recruiting, Linkster +++

That the US Open was still underway, and I hadn’t had an opportunity to write about it yet, did not deter The Professor from scolding me.

“So when are you going to give a shout out to former Cardinal golfer Adam Hadwin?

“He’s leading the US Open for heaven’s sake.”

He had me. I suppose.

Transparency here. As much as I love U of L sports, the golf team has never been on my radar. I had seen somebody mention somewhere that Hadwin was a former Cardinal, and thought, “That’’s cool.”

My next thought, and how I responded to Prof, “Well, isn’t there always some guy we’ve never heard of atop the leaderboard after the first day, only to fade into his own parade?”

Which to Hadwin’s credit and doggedness, he did not, finishing T7 at -1.

Under par for an entire US Open. World class.

The Canadien graduated U of L in ‘09, joined the PGA in ‘15. and has a W stateside in something called the Vaspar Championship, and a pair of PGA victories north of the border.

So, my apologies to Hadwin, The Professor, and anybody else who might have been offended by my failure to acknowledge it sooner.

* * * * *

Speaking of the long time chastiser of my existence — The Prof as linkster not the pro who sorta tamed the Country Club — he brought up Mike Pratt, mentioning how he’d played a few rounds of golf at the Standard Club with the former UK star and broadcaster.

“He was just a really good guy.”

Which is also the takeaway from my couple of interactions with Pratt in the Media Room before rivalry games. Nice fella.

And, as deep and true as his love was for the Wildcats, he was never dismissive or derisive toward U of L. Which in these contentious times, we could use more of. Both ways.

* * * * *

I don’t follow recruiting for football the way I do for hoops.

But, oh my, something is obviously happening out at The Schnell, and I’m not really sure what it is.

The Cards are actually getting above the fold* headlines on national sports sites.

“Above the fold.” It’s old newspaper terminology. Look it up.

Five star RB. On top of a trio of four stars from hither and yon. On top of the last class, which was a considerable step up from recent times.

I couldn’t help but laugh at a spate of comments to the news at, the gist of which are, “Big NIL money.”

Who knew?

* * * * *

OK, get ready for it, here comes my gratuitous, obligatory mention of Exxxx Bxxxx.

Need I spell out his name? Not really.

Anyway, I thought I’d read sometime back that the kid was going to do his reveal on June 20. Perhaps, I made it up, but that’s what I I remember what I remembered.

So, I went searchin’.

Nuttin, honey.

* * * * *

I ran into a Jurich disciple the other day, an old pal I hadn’t seen in a long while, and about whom I’d forgotten how close he is with the former AD.

Our conversation was so absurd, I am just not comfortable diving into it here. Besides it’s time to get over the whole thing. Truly. Which I must keep reminding myself.

Two things. One was his level of passion about the whole deal, and how TJ was screwed over when terminated, and again during the latest process.

Two, the acolyte professed not to know who actually wrote The Letter. And wondered why I’d possibly care.

So, yeah, I gotta channel my inner Arthur Alexander and better move on.

— c d kaplan