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The Cardinal Countdown: 79 Days Until Kickoff

South Florida v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: When I first read up on Makhete I immediately thought of that old DirecTV commercial when the customer said “when you say football, do you mean soccer?”. The Senegal native only recently picked up the sport in 2021 and even more recently landed at the tackle position after trying a couple spots on both sides of the ball. Gueye played well at the high school level last year all things considered. You can see in the clips below it’s not much about technique or foot placement as he’s just overpowering many of the opposing lineman, which is fine with me for a guy just learning the game. Use what ya momma gave ya!

2022 Season Outlook: There is “taking a flyer” on a young man, and then there is “TAKING A FLYER”. Gueye had zero offers, was not ranked in any recruiting services and was not on anyone’s radar until Louisville came calling. Why did they? Well, 6-7/270 is not teachable, and recent reports say that 270 listed is actually much closer to 300lb when he stepped on campus. While he is very raw, we’ve seen at times in the past it’s actually easier to build/teach/train someone who knows nothing different verses someone who is set in their incorrect ways. I’m not going to hype Gueye into a potential diamond in the rough but I do think he has a great upside for the program and can be a piece of the pie in seasons to come.

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Find out a bit more about Makhete as he kicks off the offensive lineman section of our Countdown. For those loyal readers you know I like to sneak some easter eggs in the lineman posts so keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel.