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The Cardinal Countdown: 82 Days Until Kickoff

Pitt Panthers v Louisville Cardinals 10-13-2012

2021 Season Recap: Victor followed the path many envisioned for him last year and took 2021 to use his redshirt and get adjusted to the program. While I think Mullen had the attributes to maybe step right in and make a few plays we already touched on it a bit previously but the tight end room is looking like they may need to knock down a wall or two as they have eleven bodies in there fighting for time. It made sense to not burn through a season of a guy I think can be a nice piece on offense.

2022 Season Outlook: The struggle with PT in 2021 was a mixture of experience and depth, and the story in 2022 is much the same at this spot. While Mullen, towering over guys at 6-7/240lb is not short in stature, he’s a bit low on the totem pole at the Y position. Known for his ability to block off the edge and get guys upfield in the run game Mullen is still working on developing as a pass catcher per the staff, so even if you take a small dip in blocking putting a guy like Dez Melton, Francis Sherman, or Duane Martin on the field, you do gain another offensive weapon to spread the field. To be clear, Mullen doesn’t have stone hands, just needs to fine tune a few things to be a better target. My gut says Mullen may need to wait another year before he sees major PT but could have a nice opportunity to slide into a spot as the Cards lose some upperclassman at the position and thin out a bit in regards to separation of talent.

Sweet Tweet:

Looks like the crew caused some havoc over at Parlour. Next to linemen, my guess is tight ends throw down at the dinner table better than any other position group on the field. Strike that…fullbacks are second. A fullback may very well take a bite off you hand on accident...but then go back for seconds with some sauce. #Animals