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The Cardinal Countdown: 84 Days Until Kickoff

Miami Hurricanes v Louisville Cardinals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Dez was a nice piece of the tight end group last season, appearing in twelve games and pulling in three receptions for 80 yards (nice little 26.7yd/rec average to tuck under his pillow at night). Dez has really good size and was used often as a blocker in the run game to help get up field on the stretch outside. His reps each week showed that he could be trusted in that role and while good blocks don’t make the SportsCenter Top 10 they are crucial to the success of the ground game. What does make the SC Top 10 is an absolute dime of a throw and an even better catch from Dez for a simple 36 yards.

2022 Season Outlook: I think some have Dez as the starter at the traditional tight end spot (Y?) this year just based upon some of the flashes we saw in 2021 and his role in support of Pfiefer and others in years past. The catch above should get your juices flowing when we talk about needing more offensive weapons in the passing game as I think Melton can become a nice piece of the offense this year if Satterfield trusts him to make plays. One item of note is the departure of Stu Holt as tight ends coach may have some impact on development/production as I thought he did really well with that group the last couple seasons. Coach Stepp comes over from Georgia State where he coached the same position as well as the running backs. Here’s hoping the coaching change is a ‘Stepp’ in the right direction. What? You got a problem with puns? Buckle up for these next 84 days, buttercup.

Sweet Tweet:

Hands down my absolute favorite videos every summer from across the country. For some of these guys its legitimately life changing to get that scholarship. I get amped up to watch them all, but especially when it’s your own team. What Card is potentially gonna get a scholly this offseason, you think? Whose earned that spot?