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The Cardinal Countdown: 85 Days Until Kickoff

2007 FedEx Orange Bowl: Louisville v Wake Forest Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: West was a preferred walk-on for the Cards last season joining the team after taking home not only two state championships with Trinity, but also stacking up two MVP trophies in both those games. If this kid played in some small town in Mississippi he’d be an 18yr old mayor and would have new pickup truck from the local dealership, but in Louisville the former quarterback turned running back is now fighting for a chance to make some noise with the wideouts.

2022 Season Outlook: While West didn’t see any action last year as a PWO his background with playing QB, RB, and now learning the wideout spot not only makes him a significant contributor on the practice squad, but a guy they can slide in at multiple positions on the field and he feels comfortable in them all. I think the game plan is to try and use the speedy West out of the slot and allow him to create some space and then make plays. Guys like Huggins-Bruce and a recovering Braden Smith will take the majority of the reps in that spot but never count a a two time MVP and state champ to push these guys to make plays. We may not see a ton of West of 2022 but he’ll be a piece of helping push them to get better every day, that’s for sure.

Sweet Tweet:

My guy Bradley has been in this countdown game for years. Just be sure to respect your elders B-Dub. You merely adopted the offseason numbers, I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the months of January to May until I was already a man, and by then it was nothing to me but boring. #CountdownSzn


2021 Season Recap: Kurisky was in the nations capital last season playing for Gonzaga College High School with the rest of the ‘Fighting Mark Fews’ Eagles. I really like Kurisky as he’s a ‘five tool tight end’ if such a thing exists. He can block, he can catch, he can run, he can line up outside, and he can lineup on the end or in the backfield. In the clips below you can see he’s not afraid of the middle of the field, he can high point the ball with this long frame, and he always looks to get extra yards after the catch.

2022 Season Outlook: Kurisky adds his name to a long list of tight ends on the roster this year but I honestly think he’ll be one who rises to the top in the next couple seasons. He has a lot of the intangibles, and the weight staff will get him in even shape to throws bodies around at this level. Don’t expect to see him too much this year, but don’t forget the name.

Sweet Tweet:

Time for the annual shoutout to the social media team for some of the stuff they put together for these guys. Really top notch in production and graphics, it plays a part into how the program is perceived by others, and they are killing it year after year. Pretty sure they are part of the reason Elon bought twitter.