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The Cardinal Countdown: 96 Days Until Kickoff

Florida Atlantic Owls v Louisville Cardinals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Sorensen saw some limited action during the Syracuse drubbing but otherwise was regulated to the practice squad to maintain his redshirt. Many anticipated this was the path for RJ coming in last year as he needed to add some additional weight to his frame to get some significant reps at this level.

2022 Season Outlook: Listed right around 240lb in high school the name of the game in 2021 and beyond for RJ is to bulk up and add some size. He added around 10lb from last season but for the sake of comparison guys on the outside like Yaya, Ashton, and Puryear are floating around 270lb. The guy is pretty cut up so it’s not so much a matter of strength, but if you really want to create disruption off the edge you just need some more poundage to toss around to generate some push. I remember watching some of his high school tape last year and nothing jumped off the page about his speed and he’s not some unique uber-athletic type, but the young man gets home more often than not with skill and a developing technique. I still think there is some limits to his PT in 2022 with the depth in front of him so hopefully he takes the opportunity to get super friendly with Coach Sowders and the nutrition staff and position himself to be a decent contributor in the seasons to come. The former Nebraska commit was a COVID signee back in 2020, and those guys will always hold a special spot with me for the challenges they faced during the recruiting period. Best of luck to RJ this year and he looks to make a place for himself in that group.

Sweet Tweet:

If you’re gonna start stabbing people...that’s a problem. I mean we only got a few rules around here. I remember Coach Strong’s wall of rules and it was like “Show up on time, try your hardest, be respectful” and I’m pretty sure “don’t stab anyone” was on there as well. Maybe Coach Satt dropped it from his list but I’ll need to go check the tape. Good news is there is a school nearby that has no issue playing criminals. In all seriousness though, stab so nice had me yelling “Hello, Sidney”.

Enjoy your Memorial Day everyone. Sun, water, fireworks, sleep.....but no stabbing.