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The Road to Omaha Goes Through Louisville

Postseason baseball is back at Jim Patterson Stadium for the first time in three years

Photo by Dave Wegiel

Louisville (38-18-1, 18-11-1 ACC) was announced as a host site for the 2022 NCAA Tournament, one of 16 sites that will host games next weekend.

The full bracket will be released on Monday at noon on ESPN2, but all signs indicate that the Cardinals will fall somewhere around the 10-12 overall seed. Not bad for a team selected to finish 4th in their division.

Louisville had an opportunity to lockup a top 8 seed, meaning they would also host a Super Regional if they were to win the regional, but that opportunity slipped away with an 0-2 showing in the ACC Tournament.

As I’ve mentioned before, conference tournament success does not equate to NCAA Tournament success and Louisville should be well rested by the time next weekend gets here.

The ACC and SEC both had four teams selected as hosts, the most of any conference. Here is a full list of the host sites:



Virginia Tech

North Carolina


Texas A&M


Oregon State


East Carolina

Southern Miss




Georgia Southern

Oklahoma State