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The Cardinal Countdown: 99 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Tell was expected to carry some of the weight in 2021 at Nose Tackle and he did just that, appearing in 9 games and getting the start against Florida State in Week 4. Dezmond finished the year with nine total tackles, a tackle for loss (TFL), and a QB hurry. In my opinion Tell had an acceptable 2021, but like most of the defensive line the last few years, they continue to struggle in getting pressure, especially in the middle.

2022 Season Outlook: While the change may not be 100% accredited to the new Strength & Conditioning Coach, Mr. Sowders has been busy with Tell the last few months as Dezmond has added close to 20lbs since the start of last season, and he needs each and every one of those to help create some more push up front. Ever sense the Cards went to using a three man front on most downs, I’ve been underwhelmed by the production from the NT spot. Malik Clark took the bulk of the load last season, and while the jury is still out on a starter 99 days from now I think Tell is another piece of a challenging puzzle in the middle. They need Tell to really step up in his production in his third year in the program and be more consistent with some of the flashes we saw from him in 2021. For me one thing is for sure, if we see a another heavy rotation in the middle, especially with the recent addition of Lole, it’s likely not a great sign that we have found that anchor quite yet. You know what they say, if you have three nose tackles, you really have zero….at least that’s how I remember it going.

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Not one, but likely two generations are familiar with John Madden solely due to his name and image being placed on a video game more so than his legacy as a football coach. My man John was running this NIL game before these kids were in diapers.