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Friday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

There wasn’t a Louisville flag at Foxy’s in the British Virgin Islands, so Jared had to do what he had to do.

—The Louisville baseball team had to wait through nearly five hours of rain and lightning delays, but in the wee hours of Friday morning, the Cardinals were able to emerge with a 4-1 win over No. 10 Virginia to kick off a huge regular season-ending series.

The Cards and Hoos get after it in game two this afternoon at 4 p.m. You can catch all the action live on the ACC Network.

—Kenny Payne likes the little he’s been able to see of Roosevelt Wheeler so far.

In a one-on-one interview with Cardinal Authority, Payne said there’s “no question about it” that Wheeler will be a major contributor for the Cardinals next season. Payne said he not only loves Wheeler’s skill level but his athleticism.

“I sat in this office two weeks ago and I can see the treadmills over there and I am watching him run on the treadmill,” Payne said. “A 7-footer or 6-11 kid that can run like that.

“I like what I’ve seen from him.”

Payne knows there are “a lot” of things that Wheeler needs to improve to be an impact player, but he said the sophomore has already started working hard. Payne said he’s had a message to Wheeler in several meetings between the two.

“Whatever your hangups are, let’s get past them,” Payne said he’s told him. “Whatever your insecurities are whatever your doubts are, let’s get past them.

“But there’s only one way to get past them and that’s hard work. So we are going to get them there - that’s my goal.”

—Michael Bush feels “awesome” after being inducted into the Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame.

—Happy to see that Charles is getting back on the court. Wish we would have been able to see him at something resembling 100 percent during his short stay here.

—Indiana hoops star Trayce Jackson-Davis is returning to Bloomington for one more season. IU has a legit case to be the preseason favorites in the Big Ten.

—Jeff Greer is the guest on the latest Starting 502 podcast episode.

—Louisville has offered class of 2024 WR Ernest Campbell from Texas.

—Yes, I’ve seen this. You can stop sending it to me.

—Sign-ups for U of L football camps next month are now available.

—Shaedon Sharpe is all-in on the NBA draft and will never play a game for Kentucky.

—Year five NBA highlights from Donovan Mitchell.

—Louisville music festivals figure to be a hot ticket this fall.

—Speaking of hot, this is officially the hottest May 20 in the history of Louisville. BONUS FACT: May 20 is also the latest date where it’s ever snowed in the city of Louisville.

—A notable Louisville pediatrician has been arrested for attempting to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband. This story is wild as hell.

—Figure out whether or not you have Bally Sports South before next week gets here.

If only this conference had something like a network where it could broadcast all of these games.

—The Daily Progress recaps U of L’s series-opening win over Virginia.

—Scott Satterfield is now saying that he did not “call Nick Saban out.”

—And finally, the Mike Rutherford Show will wrap up the week with our own Keith Wynne in studio to co-host. The football talk will be heavy. You can stream the show here.