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Jim Halpert: Diehard Louisville Redbirds fan

Watch us fly, Jim.

Mike Rutherford back from the almost dead here with the most important Louisville-related sports information of the day.

There is a guy on TikTok who goes by the name “No Problem Gambler” and his whole account is dedicated to finding the exact games and dates that are shown in the backgrounds of movies or television shows. It’s a thrilling and fascinating way to waste time.

Most recently, his challenge was to find the game that Jim Halpert is watching in an episode of “The Office” where he goes to visit Pam at art school.

The result has a very local tie. Enjoy.


Reply to @rufflesundressed This is maybe the biggest rabbit hole I’ve gone down so far #sports #baseball #mlb #milb #theoffice #tv

♬ original sound - No Problem Gambler

That means the 30-year anniversary of this game is coming up next month. I smell a promotion coming.

The guy’s entire account is a great way to waste an afternoon or morning ... or day.