How quickly we forget: Jurich

in this article you will find nearly all the reasons why we should shy away from rehiring Tom Jurich as athletic director.

Some highlights include:

1. In the 2015-16 school year alone, Jurich directed that the UofL and its students supplied $7.4 million of the athletic department’s $112 million in revenue.

2. He was given the title "university vice president," meaning he had greater power and responsibility than most athletic directors. He didn’t even report to the president; the athletic department was overseen by a special athletics association that Jurich dominated.

3. An auditor would later find that from 2010 to 2016, Ramsey, Jurich, and seven other Louisville officials received $21.8 million in deferred compensation without the knowledge of the board.

4. The Courier-Journal noted that Jurich’s 2016 salary, an astonishing $5.4 million, which included deferred comp from 10 years earlier and a 0.5 percent commission on donations he brought in from outside of athletics, was more than the budgets of the biology or history departments. It was also more than twice the salary of the next highest-paid athletic director, Ohio State’s Gene Smith ($1.8 million).

5. The paper also discovered that Jurich’s daughter was working for Adidas as the liaison between the company and the university.

6. In the letter Postel wrote firing the longtime athletic director, he said Jurich had demonstrated "ineffective management, divisive leadership, unprofessional conduct, and a lack of collegiality." More likely, Jurich was fired because the new board and the interim president wanted a clean slate—starting with an athletic director who wouldn't be resistant to the idea that athletics was part of, and subservient to, the university.

7. So many other non-verifiable things that are mostly quotes and insinuations about his character.