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RIP Sedat Acton, “The Handstand Man”

We lost a Louisville icon this weekend.

Syndication: Louisville Marty Pearl/Special to Courier Journal

Some tough news to digest today, as Sedat Acton — AKA “The Handstand Man — died on Saturday. He was 77-years-old.

Acton’s wife, Teresa, passed away last month.

As news of Acton’s passing spread Sunday morning/afternoon, tributes from past players and admirers alike began to pour in.

I talked to Sedat a small handful of times over the years, but he was always incredibly pleasant and always so passionate about the Cards. I’ll never forget attending a game where he came out on the court to do his routine with the cheerleaders, and then him ripping one of the referees as he walked back to his seat.

A true Louisville legend.