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Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Deeply Immersed on Selection Sunday Eve

That my team has put it to rest makes no difference.

I’m in deep. Like I’ve got two hep-locks, with full hoopsadrine© drip. Plus periodic inoculations of Bilasaphon™, And down two 500mg of Vitalesfed® every two hours.

I’m in deep, like watching Princeton/ Cornell in the Ivy semis before noon deep.

More so than in the past on championship week, because . . .

. . . there are so many bubble teams that league tourneys just mean more this season.

. . . fans back in the stands makes a huge difference in the excitement level.

. . . because I’m Seedy K, and I’m a Hoopaholic.

* * * * *

Most of those who might be reading this, like me, are Louisville Cardinal fans, so let’s address the elephant on the couch and get it over with.

I know nothing about the state of the coaching search.

I am surprised at the reports that Josh Heird had not talked to any candidates as of the end of U of L’s season. Even You Know Who, the guy on the Knicks bench who isn’t coaching in college now.

Should that former Cardinal baller be the one, I hope he finds a Phil Martelli for the second chair. Somebody like Bruce Weber, whose post game press conference after K State’s elimination was so very cool. Guy stood up for himself.

Or, Tom Crean.

Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust joking.

Actually that Master of the Sideline Sneer has become a running gag among the Red & Black Faithful.

I couldn’t help but chortle the other day when the color announcer on a C-USA game got sidetracked during action, imploring, “Somebody hire Tom Crean, the guy can really coach.”

Forget the announcer’s name, but there is a reason he’s calling the lesser league games.

And, finally before moving on, I wonder why we’re not hearing any names like Jerome Tang, first assistant at Baylor during Scott Drew’s tenure, or North Texas State successful coach Grant McCasland or Cleveland State’s Dennis Gates?

* * * * *

Speaking of coaches under the radar, I love the story of Longwood’s Griff Aldrich. He assisted Ryan Odom, when UMBC upset UVa.

Before that, a grad of UVa Law School, he was a lawyer in Houston, making something like $800 Large a year. Which career he deepsixed, to be fellow Emory & Henry alum Odom’s assistant. Then took the job a Longwood for $38,000.

Color him . . . a fellow Hoopaholic.

* * * * *

Samaki Walker’s son Jabari plays for the Colorado Buffalos.

* * * * *

Think what you might of John Calipari, the fellow can be funny.

And snarky.

When a question at a presser during the SEC tourney implied that Auburn had more fans in Tampa than UK, Cal responded, “Are you out of your mind? Are you smoking crack?”

By the by, despise the Cats as many readers here do, Kentucky is good and a legit national title contenda.

* * * * *

Bill Walton is doing color for PAC 12 tourney games on the conference’s network.

He’s actually more under control than when on ESPN.


Or, maybe his dose hadn’t kicked in yet.

* * * * *

Most beat reporters covering specific schools for years tend to be fans of those teams. Or, so I would observe. Because winning is more fun, easier to fashion a story about.

But, they, for the most part, are mostly objective in their reportage.

Yet, I was struck at a couple of pieces I read about IU’s two Ws in the Big 10 tourney. The ebullience of the writer’s was palpable.

* * * * *

Here’s something I am NOT looking forward to during NCAA TV coverage.

There will be in game interviews with coaches during first half timeouts.

Horrible. Bothers them. Doesn’t allow them to do their jobs. Adds nothing.

What are they supposed to say, when their team has missed its first 12 shots, and is down 20?

Though he was the lynchpin of one of my least favorite U of L games ever, the Rex Chapman evisceration at Freedom Hall, as a fellow recovering addict, I admire the turnaround in his life.

Chapman will be part of the studio coverage during the Dance, as part of the Turner crew. Good on him.

* * * * *

Teams I love, and will root for, though I have no delusions they are legit contenders for the crown.

Providence. Because they have won so many close games late.

Texas Tech. Because their rookie coach, a defensive genius, ascended to the job when he was in his late 60s.

Arkansas, though I don’t know why.

Which, since they are down a dozen to the Texas A&M Buzzsaws at the half of their semi, reminds me I need to stop writing and start paying attention.

Besides, I need to connect fresh drips and take my meds.

— Seedy K