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After the buzzer: North Carolina

Louisville v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-The Cards battled and gave themselves a chance to pick up a win on the road against North Carolina, but shot selection didn’t help down the stretch and it ended in another loss. Let’s just dive into it.

-Malik Williams and Jae’Lyn Withers took the most and second most three pointers on the team. Malik was 2/7. Jae’Lyn was 2/6. How were they inside the arc? Malik was 2/4 and Jae’Lyn 2/3. Sometimes when you are wide open for three, there is a reason. And you don’t get extra points for shooting from five feet behind the line.

-Sydney Curry played eight minutes. Unless there is a disciplinary reason, that is…not enough. Not close.

-Sam Williamson looked pretty good off the bench. He was active before catching the ball and then was aggressive when he got it, so those were positives. Mid-range Sam is good.

-Of Louisville’s 10 assists, Jarrod West had five and El Ellis had three. Others should probably look to pass the ball more so that is more evenly distributed. It also may be a good idea to pass if you are not hitting shots.

-The Cards were 7/28 from three, which is bad. What is worse is going 2/5 from the free throw line. That means they were content to just settle on the outside shot instead of drive. I don’t remember the officiating being so terrible that we should have been at the line 15 times or anything. This was just a result of guys not being aggressive and going to the rim. And if those outside shots are not falling, well then you get this result.

-You can see it on the film review, but Malik just got absolutely pushed around by Bacot and then looked to give up when Bacot got the offensive rebounds over him. You are giving up a lot of size in weight, you can not just choose to not block out. That’s not how this works. Putting one hand on his chest and then running to the rim in hopes that the ball just finds you? I am constantly on our high school kids that I coach about this. It shouldn’t still be a thing at this level.

-I don’t know. Not even sure where else to go from here. At this point I’d just be searching for things to say just to say them. Good effort, poor shot selection and toughness from some guys.

-As always, I do appreciate you checking this out. There isn’t too much on the film review, but I tried. I mean, you can’t just constantly post videos of guys taking and missing threes. I guess you can, but I wasn’t going to do that.

-Go Cards…Go Krogering!

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