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Report: Date for Louisville’s IARP hearing set

Expect this all to be resolved at some point before the winter of 2051.

Who’s ready for Louisville not to receive any resolution from the NCAA/IARP for more than five years since the FBI’s “probe into college basketball” first broke in Sept. of 2017?

How many hands are raised? No one? Nobody?

The NCAA does not care.

According to the Courier-Journal’s Tim Sullivan, “two sources familiar with Louisville’s case” have confirmed that U of L’s hearing date with the IARP has been set for June 17-19.

For comparison’s sake, NC State’s hearing with the IARP took place on Aug. 9-10, 2021, and the school received its punishment 132 days later. If that timeline holds true for the U of L case — and to be clear, there’s no evidence that it will or will not — Louisville would be receiving its punishment from the NCAA on or around Oct. 27.

So Louisville’s third head coach since this whole thing broke will be right on the precipice of beginning his first season on the job when these punishments are going to be released.

Par for the course.