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Seedy K’s GameCap: Miami

Having watched too much hoops, the other night I went surfing for a movie to stream.

I saw that one of the ‘21 flicks I didn’t see in a movie house was online.

“Nightmare Alley.”

I clicked Play.

Literally, no more than five minutes in, I said to myself, “This is going to be way too depressing, too dark. Life’s too out of sorts already. I’m not going to put myself through this.”

Instead I watched a couple episodes of always enjoyable and light “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.”

* * * * *

Thought it is no less dark, no less depressing, I still can’t not watch U of L basketball.

But, to somewhat assuage my guilt, I’ll own I didn’t go to the Yum!. Instead endured the increasingly insufferable Corey Alexander, watching on the telly.

I have no legit excuse. I get in free. There would have been plenty of available media seats by the court, instead of my usual spot in the corner. Fair weather.

It wasn’t that I’ve given up on the team or the program. I’m a lifer.

But. so despondent am I about the state of Cardinal basketball, I just couldn’t endure live and in person what I was absolutely certain the whole experience would be like.

Shame on me.

Before the game, Smart Guy kept texting photos of the empty stands. One with 30 minutes until tip. One at ten minutes. During the national anthem.

“Enough,” I wrote, “I get the point.”

Not that I’m any more hopeful of a different outcome, my intention is to be there Saturday.

Just couldn’t do it tonight.

* * * * *

Here’s the U of L season in microcosm.

Down ten at intermission, U of L hit its first seven field goals of the 2d.

And were still down 8 at 40-48. D was less than tenacious. Considerably so.

Down 54-60, with the delusion of a chance faintly glimmering, Mike Pegues called timeout to set up a play.

The Cards frittered away the possession. Shot Clock violation.

On Miami’s ensuing set, Isaiah Wong nailed a triple. While being fouled by Jae’Lyn Withers. Four point play. 54-64.

Down three with 1:06 to play, U of L’s endemic bad defense allowed a Hurricane deuce. El Ellis then air balled a trey.

Cardinal defense is, to be generous, porous.

* * * * *

This is now the worst Louisville Cardinal basketball team of my lifetime.


It’s Nightmare Alley.

After the game I got a text from The Professor, with whom I’ve watched hundreds of U of L games home and away since the early 60s. He too, but for legitimate health reasons, was not in the Yum!.

“Well at least they battled.”

I responded that “battling is no longer cutting it for me,” mentioning the nadir this edition of the Cards has reached.

Prof: “I agree with you on that but we were at least able to continue watching.”

Insert long, lingering, extensive, guttural F-Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!

— c d kaplan