Holiday/Thank You Cards To Scott Satterfield

As a means of expressing our gratitude to (former) Coach Scott Satterfield for bailing on the team/program to take the job at UC, which subsequently led to UofL legend Jeff Brohm accepting the position and becoming our new UofL Football Head Coach, we have decided to send Holiday/Thank You cards to the following address:

Scott Satterfield

c/o University of Cincinnati Athletics

Richard E. Linder Center

2751 O'Varsity Way

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0021

If at all possible send your card by or before December 15th, as we'd really like them to be there before the Fenway Bowl on December 17th, which will feature our University of Louisville Cardinals vs. the University of Cincinnati Bearcats. Be sure to thank him for leaving so we could hire the coach we actually wanted, and feel free to include any comments regarding his coaching ability. While we acknowledge the absolutely petty nature of this, please refrain from any foul language/lewd insults, as we're just not cut like that. (Well, we totally are, but let's try to keep it as clean as possible, okay?) There have also been suggestions to include glitter, toilet paper squares, damaged visors/ballcaps cut to be a visor; all we ask is that nothing dangerous/harmful be enclosed (i.e. no glitter "bombs"), as we'd like to stay on the good side of USPS. In order to hopefully gain as much participation as possible you are welcome to share the text of this on Facebook and/or Twitter, and no credit is necessary.

GO CARDS!!! Welcome Coach Jeff Brohm!!!