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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

The kids know it’s Claire Chaussee season anyway.

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—The first NET rankings of the men’s basketball season were released on Monday, and Louisville checked in at No. 361. There are 363 teams in Division-I. The Cards are ahead of only Hartford and Houston Christian.

No one was more thrilled about Scott Satterfield’s abrupt departure yesterday than Kenny Payne.

—Yasir Abdullah has been named First Team All-ACC by the Associated Press. Tyler Hudson and Bryan Hudson both made the Second Team.

—Scott Satterfield answers some questions for Justin Williams of The Athletic.

We heard a lot about NIL through this process, whether from Cunningham or you today. What’s been your experience with that, and has that helped make some of those inroads in Texas and California where you’ve gotten some good commitments?

It’s certainly something at Louisville that they embraced, our administration embraced, and we’re going to do that here as well. If you’re going to get some of the top players in the country, you’re going to have to do some things for them. Look at what’s done out there, particularly in the SEC, it’s incredible. In order to compete, you don’t have to do it at that level, but we’re going to have to be able to do it. Your name means something, and when you come here, you’re going to be able to use that, your talents and be able to be compensated for it. We’re going to have to embrace it. That’s another big piece about coming here, knowing we’re going to be able to do that. We’re still growing it out, but we need people to invest those dollars in the NIL space.


Did the Fenway Bowl, these two teams facing off — at what point did that click with you that this would be a weird deal? I’m not sure if you know, but both benches are on the same sideline.

I know, yeah, yeah, yeah. Somebody told me I should just stand right in the middle, and I’m like, “No, I’m not doing that.” That dynamic, that’s crazy, that’s very different. But I can’t help that situation. It’s just a coincidence that we happen to be playing each other. When it first happened when I saw the game, that was exciting. It’s a game we used to play and had a trophy for it, and I thought it was pretty cool. And then, of course, when the opportunity for the job came up, this was kind of awkward. It is. But that’s why I’m stepping away from anything with bowl prep. I’m not doing any of that, I will not be at the game. I’m going to build my staff out, I’m going to be recruiting during the game. I’m going to be hosting families and recruits on a Saturday. Now, we may be sitting in front of a TV and watching it, but we’re going to be recruiting and trying to find players to be a part of this program.

You would know — are they bringing the Keg of Nails?

I think so. Yeah, I think so. We had to find it. We looked all over our building (at Louisville), couldn’t find it, and come to find out one of our equipment managers had it at his house. He had to bring it back. I think they’re bringing it, but we didn’t get into those conversations.

King of awkward, now and forever.

—Will Stein is headed to Oregon to be the new offensive coordinator for the Ducks. Quite a rise to prominence for the former Cardinal QB.

Interesting quote from Dave Clawson on star Wake Forest QB Sam Hartman:

“I think right now his intention is to go to the NFL, but when the bowl game is over, if there is some incredible offer for him to go to another school and get life-changing money, how could we fault him for that.”

It seems like 85% of FBS quarterbacks are hitting the portal. Louisville needs to get a good one.

—Many, many former Louisville players are volunteering their services for the vacant head coaching position.

—Louisville Report serves up its coaching hot board.

—David Teel says the Satterfield/Louisville/Cincinnati/Fenway Bowl saga is the perfect story for an increasingly bizarre college football season.

—The Washington Post ranks the Fenway Bowl as the 19th-best bowl matchup of this season, but that was before the Satterfield news broke.

—Louisville has joined Kentucky in offering Christian Academy 8th-grade Ja’Hyde Brown.

—I’m back on today’s Titus and Tate because they hate me and get sick pleasure out of my misery.

—The wildest story in college sports right now is happening at New Mexico State. The latest details are here, and now that they’re out, I’m not sure how the Aggies are going to be able to play the rest of their season.

—U of L fans can vote for Cardinal commit Madden Sanker for O-Lineman of the Year by going here.

—Mekhi Becton doesn’t want anyone in Cincinnati to get it twisted.

Also, I ADORE the old big font/little font trick.

So does Eric Crawford, even though I’m pretty sure I actually finished third like 17 times.

—The CJ dives into the issue of why Kenny Payne didn’t get more help from the transfer portal over the spring/summer.

—Louisville DB Derrick Edwards has entered the transfer portal.

—It’s been a big week for Deions.

—Eric Crawford serves up a rapid reaction to Satterfield bolting for Cincy.

—Good cause here for any horse lovers.

‘—Jeff Nunn of Cardinal Sports Zone lists his preferred candidates to replace Scott Satterfield.

—Steph Curry is Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year for 2022.

—U of L baseball alums Reid Detmers and Drew Ellis will be the featured guests at the 2023 Leadoff Dinner. The dinner will begin at 7 p.m. ET in the Grand Ballroom at The Galt House Hotel. Tickets are $65 each and can be purchased online here.

—Let’s help the ladies get back to the Final Four.

You can purchase tickets here.

—For the first time since 2016, the U of L women’s basketball team is not in the AP top 25 poll.

—U of L volleyball’s Claire Chaussee is the AVCA East Region Player of the Year. Dani Busboom-Kelly is the region’s coach of the Year.

—ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg looks at the top candidates to replace Scott Satterfield at Louisville.

The non-Brohm candidates

Michigan co-offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore: He’s a rapidly ascending head-coaching candidate with ties to Louisville, where he started his coaching career as a graduate assistant for three years before landing an on-field role as tight ends coach in 2012 and 2013. Moore, 36, came to Michigan in 2018 and moved up the ranks quickly, overseeing the offensive line 2021 while gaining a co-coordinator title. Michigan has won back-to-back Big Ten titles and reached the CFP for the second straight year. Louisville would be a big jump for Moore but could get ahead on a top young assistant who is well regarded in the industry.

Kent State coach Sean Lewis: Interestingly enough, Lewis was one of the top candidates at Cincinnati until Satterfield emerged late. He will deliver points and exciting offense wherever he goes next, likely to a Power 5 school. Lewis is just 36 but in his fifth season at Kent State, historically one of the nation’s toughest FBS jobs. He has guided Kent State to its first bowl win and is responsible for two of the five bowl appearances in team history. Lewis has ACC experience after two seasons as Syracuse’s offensive coordinator, and has coached not far from Louisville at Eastern Illinois and Bowling Green. His overall record of 24-31 needs context, as Kent State’s nonconference schedules are filled with top Power 5 opponents to fund its athletic budget. Lewis also is known as a strong recruiter.

Western Kentucky coach Tyson Helton: His hiring at WKU drew mostly lukewarm reviews, but Helton has done really solid work with the program, going 31-21 overall with two nine-win seasons. He showed creativity and confidence with the hiring/recruitment of Houston Baptist offensive coordinator Zach Kittley and quarterback Bailey Zappe, who helped WKU finish second nationally in scoring and total offense last season. Quarterback Austin Reed has continued the points parade this fall. Helton, 45, spent 2014 and 2015 as Western Kentucky’s offensive coordinator and also has made regional stops at Cincinnati, Memphis and Tennessee.

—Louisville Report takes a quick look at the Cincinnati Bearcats, because there’s still an actual game to preview here.

—Chris Vannini of The Athletic gives an overview on the state of the U of L football head coaching job.

—Hoops Insight says Mike James is being criminally underused right now.

Impact on the team

Overall, Louisville has been better with James in the game this season. The team’s adjusted scoring margin per 100 possessions is 7.5 pts better with him in. Louisville scores 89.3 pts/100 and allows 102.6 per 100 with him in, and scores 69.6 per 100 and allows 114.5 per 100 with him out. The team’s 3point FG% is 34% with him in and a ghastly 15% with him out.

James is one of the few Cardinals with a pulse on defense. Louisville has been the worst defense in the country against pick-and-roll ballhandlers, allowing 1.2 points per possession. James has allowed just 4 points on 9 pick-and-roll possessions he’s defended.

In the first 3 games, Louisville was comfortably ahead of opponents with James in. They outscored Bellarmine, Wright State, and App State by +21 when James played, but lost by -24 when he sat.

Louisville has also looked shockingly competent when James plays without El Ellis. For the season Louisville is +2 in 44 possession with James in and Ellis sitting, including +3 in 33 possessions over the past 4 games. Considering that Louisville has lost those games by 102 total points, it’s pretty stunning that they have any pattern of winning with certain players. This isn’t skewed by any 1 game; Louisville was not outscored in any of the last 4 games with James in and Ellis out. James’ share of the offense jumps to 16% of shots with Ellis out, James has a 70% eFG% this season with Ellis out, and he has even more free throw attempts than field goal attempts.

Mike James is the only perimeter player for UofL who scores with above-average efficiency, gets to the free throw line, and avoids useless midrange jumpers. Louisville’s offensive structure is doing nobody any favors, but is especially holding back James by making him near invisible. James also shows some fight in defending opposing ballhandlers, which has already become a rare sight. He can absolutely be part of the next good Louisville men’s basketball team if the coaching staff and rest of the roster can provide any kind of support.

—Louisville baseball has the best overall winning percentage of any program in the country over the last 10 years.

—No members of Louisville’s 2023 football recruiting class have decommitted yet. Mainly because, as two of them have said publicly, they “did not commit to Scott Satterfield.”

—And finally, I’ll share the latest on what I’ve heard with regards to the coaching search during this afternoon’s Mike Rutherford Show from 3-6 on 1450AM/96.1FM. Sean Moth will join me in studio and we’ll talk with our own Keith Wynne during the second hour. You can stream the show here.