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Jahlil McClain Signs With Louisville Football

NCAA Football: Eastern Kentucky at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


ON3 Industry Comparison (Lists all recruiting rankings)

247 Composite: 3-Star .8819

Offers: Texas, Oregon, USC, Arizona State, Arizona, Pitt



McClain is a guy who has a lot of potential as a slot receiver with a lot of room to grow. He is a strong route runner with a nice repertoire of releases at the line of scrimmage. I also like the way he works his way into passing windows at different levels of the defense. He can widen out to get around zone defenders but still work his way back into the window to get himself open. His speed is good but not great but I am really interested to see how he develops his speed and quickness once he gets to college.

Louisville needs help at wide receiver so I expect everyone to get a chance to get on the field early but McClain will have to put on some weight to help his chances to make an impact. I believe McClain will be a summer enrollee so that will play a factor in his first season. But not all recruits need to play early. I feel really good about McClain’s potential and I think he could be a very good player down the road for Louisville.