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Adonijah Green Signs With Louisville Football

Louisville v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images


ON3 Industry Comparison (Lists all recruiting rankings)

247 Composite: 4-star .9065

Offers: Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Tennesse, Arkansas, Michigan, Miami, Cincy, UK



“Sticks” is a perfect nickname for Green as he has absurdly long and lean limbs. Green has put on a decent amount of weight this past year but he still has a frame that will take time to fill out in college. One thing that jumps out in his film is his great ability to use his length to control blockers. He extends and keeps blockers out of his pads and then he sheds those blockers well.

Green has a very good burst as a pass rusher once he gets around the edge. He still has to learn to bend a bit better but his length should help him with that as he will have to deal with linemen who will be able to handle his athleticism a bit better. He is a better player against the run than I expected which is always a sign to me of a great motor.

Louisville needs to replace some pass-rushing production so there is a path for Green to see the field. However, I think that his lack of size and muscle will make it hard to not redshirt him.