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Aaron Williams Signs With Louisville Football

COLLEGE FOOTBALL OCT 29 Wake Forest at Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


ON3 Industry Comparison (Lists all recruiting rankings)

247 Composite: 4-Star .9288

Offers: USC, Alabama, Georgia, Oregon, Michigan, LSU, Utah, Penn State, Washington



Williams is the overlooked player when it comes to the players Louisville has landed out of California. He hasn’t put up big numbers and offense always outshines defense. But Williams has great size and length and he grew on me the more and more I watched his highlights. Williams didn’t seem to be an aggressive tackler to me and I wasn’t so sure about his speed.

However, when you watch all of his highlights you can see that he is a tough tackler who doesn’t shy away from contact. His speed shows up when you watch him as a punt returner. He cuts on a dime and it’s like he has a real-life speed burst when he gets out of his cuts. Guys his size don’t typically have the ability to turn and cut in tight spaces and because he can do this, he is very sticky in coverage against smaller receivers.

I’d be pretty surprised if Williams isn’t on the field early and often. He can play outside with his size and UofL doesn’t have much depth outside of Jarvis Brownlee and Quincy Riley. The staff will likely continue to look for portal options but Williams is a talented kid with a lot of confidence. I don’t expect him to have the nerves and lack of confidence that most freshmen have.