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Pierce Clarkson Signs With Louisville Football

Wake Forest v Louisville Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images


ON3 Industry Comparison (Lists all recruiting rankings)

247 Composite: 4-star .9198

OFFERS: Purdue, UCLA, UK, NC State, Oregon, Texas A&M, FSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss



Clarkson is a quarterback with all of the tools but plenty of room to grow and improve across the board. He completed 64% of his passes this year with some games where he really struggled to find open receivers and deliver accurate passes. But he also flashed a large amount of potential with throws all over the field.

Deep throws, sideline throws to the opposite field, slants, deep crosses, post routes, screens, quick screens, you name it and he showed that he could make the throw. Clarkson also played against some of the top competition in the country and he was very good in nearly every game.

I think that Clarkson needs some time to be “the guy” but he has the background and skillset to find his way onto the field in a limited role as a freshman. His running ability should also be noted. He isn’t a burner in the open field but he can extend plays and get first downs with his legs. He also has an advanced ability to move in the pocket and find passing lanes. That’s not something that is easy to teach.