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Seedy K’s GameCap: Florida State

Some things in life simply make no sense.

Some are inexplicable.

Harry Kane, one of the great goal strikers extant, missing a PK against his country’s centuries old arch rival in the biggest game of his life.

How unfathomably delicious, the Brussel Sprouts at Chik’n & Mi.

The incredible grit, determination, fundamentals, come from behind will-to-win of Dani Busboom Kelly’s 30-2 Final Four-bound U of L Volleyball Team.

The state of the #360-ranked Louisville Cardinals Men’s Basketball team.

* * * * *

The day before the Cards lost their ninth game of the season against no wins, again by more than twenty points, this one to Florida State, 53-75, Coach Kenny Payne held his usual presser.

I had a question.

“Coach, you’ve mentioned several times how your guys must learn from losses. You’re new in the first chair. I’m wondering what lessons you have learned, and what changes you might have implemented because of them?”

Of course, as all coaches are wont to do, he didn’t answer. (Silly me for actually hoping for an answer.)

He talked about leadership, that it doesn’t show up when successful, that true leadership shows when things are going bad.

He said he knew things were going to be bad, that it’s his job to get them better.

He emphasized he was not discouraged.

What a difference a day can make.

In Tallahassee, again U of L never led.

Down 6 at the first media timeout.

Down 11 at the next one.

Down 14 at a stoppage with 6:04 in the 1st.

Down 24-36 at intermission.

There had been marginal areas of improvement. 6/12 on threeballs. 8 assists on 9 made FGs.

Yet, even though there were the usual bouts of ineptitude — 9 turnovers for 7 Seminole points, -10 in the paint — this game against the at the time 1-9 foe seemed within legitimate reach.

Cards ball to start the 2d.

U of L’s season in microcosm: Turnover on the inbounds play. State deuce. Ball game.

Afterward Payne was asked by WDRB’s Rick Bozich how discouraging that specific play was?

“Very discouraging.”

Coach, you are not alone.

— c d kaplan