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Film Review: Chaminade

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament - First Round - Kentucky Photo by Michelle Hutchins/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-It’s still not pretty, but it’s a win. I’ll try to keep this brief as well as the film review clips. Just trying to knock off the preseason rust before the regular season starts. So let’s go!

-Giving up 18 offensive boards in this one is unacceptable.

-JJ Traynor brought some life to the court and grabbed six offensive rebounds and converted a lot of those to points or at least free throws. That may be how he impacts the team this year. Just getting out there and getting the hustle points and clean up the messes. There will be messes to clean up.

-El Ellis is obviously going to have to be THE guy on offense for the Cards, but I think sometimes he gets carried away and we just have to live with it. I mean, what are your other options? He sometimes drives the lane and draws three or four defenders and still goes to the rim. Or he will get a great assist on one possession and then be feeling it and take a step back, contested jumper that misses on the next possession. But again, what else do you do?

-Cards had eight assists to 14 turnovers. Not ideal.

-Chaminade outscored Louisville in the paint 38-30. That should never happen with our size advantage. Height can only take you so far. If you aren’t going to play big, it doesn’t matter. The post players get pushed around and punked for rebounds way too much in these first two exhibition games. What will ACC teams do?

-It took El Ellis having 28 points and playing nearly 38 minutes to beat this Chaminade team. Please stay out of foul trouble this season, El. Thank you.

-Jae’Lyn Withers continues to show flashes of what he can do. He can knock down the three, he can get to the rim, and he will frustrate you at times too. I’d like to see him get as aggressive on defense as he is on offense when he has the ball.

-We saw the rotation shrink to about seven players in this one. Even though 11 guys played, four of them played under seven minutes. Everyone else was at 19 minutes or above.

-Brandon Huntley-Hatfield seems to still be trying to find his role and place on the floor. And even though he only had two points, it’s still good to see him get eight rebounds and contribute something.

-The film isn’t great, nor should it be. Most of it is negative but I see what I see. Still frustrating when some of the clips are just a lack of hustle. No excuse for that. But as always, thank you for reading.

Go Cards…Go Krogering!

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