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Louisville Baseball Recruiting Catches Fire

The Cards have picked up seven commitments over the last nine days

University of Louisville Athletics

As a whole, the University of Louisville Athletic Department is on a heck of a run over the last few weeks. Let’s recap:

  • Scott has been in his bag
  • IARP. Nuff said.
  • Jeff Walz has his team primed for another deep tournament run, selected as the favorite to win the ACC
  • DBK has the volleyball team flying high

Then there is the baseball program, likely to be a consensus top five team in the Spring, continues to reload year after year. Speaking of reloading, Dan McDonnell and Co. have been on a tear when it comes to recruiting lately.

In a span of eight days, seven future Cards committed to play baseball at Louisville, four in the 2025 class and three for 2026.

I understand these players won’t suit up in college for many years, but this is the nature of college baseball recruiting. That’s not to say everyone agrees with it, it’s very challenging to project a freshman in high school that has never played against varsity talent. All that to be said, the current coaching staff seems to have a pretty damn good eye for talent.

Here’s how it all went down.

Parker Clubb (October 25)

Class of 2026 • C/RHP • 6-1 • 155 LBS • Mulvane HS, Kansas

Unfortunately for the 2026 guys, Prep Baseball Report (PBR) does not offer rankings as of yet. You can see from the clip below, Clubb is already pumping gas heading into his freshman season, topping out at 86 MPH back in July. Louisville has plucked a few kids from Kansas over the last few years and I hope the trend continues. Carson Liggett, who could be in line for a weekend rotation spot this season, is also from Kansas.

Griffin Loy (October 26)

Class of 2026 • RHP • 6’4 • 200 LBS • Somerset HS, Kentucky

Loy, who plays for the Briar Jumpers (the best mascot in all of Kentucky), projects as a future draft pick when he is eligible in a few years. Currently up to 87 MPH on the mound, but I was told that number could likely creep into the mid 90’s by the time his high school career is over.

He participated in the PBR Future Games for Kentucky and was recently selected as a member of the USA Baseball National Team Identification Series. All signs point that Loy has the tools to hear his name called early in the MLB Draft, but we can all hope.

Anthony Karbowski (October 27)

Class of 2025 • LHP/1B • 6’3 • 180 LBS • Hampshire HS, Illinois

Another live arm, up to 87 MPH from the left side, Karbowski has a ton of upside on the mound, with many tools that Roger Williams simply cannot teach. He is the 44th ranked player from Illinois in his class, but that number will rise significantly in the new rankings release.

Here’s a short clip of a bullpen he threw in October, including a 2500+ spin rate with his curveball. That’ll do.

Peter Kussow (October 29)

Class of 2025 • RHP/3B • 6’4 • 185 LBS • Aarowhead HS, Wisconsin

Ranked as the 10th best prospect in Wisconsin in 2025, Kussow is yet another big time prospect to choose the Cards from the Badger State. Many elite players have hailed from Wisconsin over the years, including Alex Binelas and Christian Knapczyk, to name a few. Like Karbowski, he is likely to increase his ranking due to his breakout season he had this fall.

He’s up to 87 MPH, but once he fills out his frame, I think that number will continue to rise. Kussow has the opportunity to be a big time arm in his class and is a name we will be hearing for a long time.

Andrew Visconti (October 30)

Class of 2025 • LHP/OF • 6’3 • 150 LBS • Mason HS, Ohio

(The link does not include sensitive content unless Twitter is afraid of the old Cardinal bird.)

Visconti is the 7th ranked player in Ohio in the 2025 class and is yet to tap into his potential. At just 150 pounds, he is throwing 84 MPH. As he gets older and bulks up, watch out.

You won’t find much film on Visconti yet, but he boosts a very smooth, easy swing from the right side of the plate, using the entire field. He does not display a ton of power at this time, but that may come as he fills out.

Drew Messey (October 31)

Class of 2026 • RHP/SS • 5’11 • 150 LBS • Westminster Christian Academy HS, Missouri

A scrappy, left handed hitting, undersized shortstop? Sounds like Christian Knapczyk. Sign me up.

Messey’s profile does not include any rankings yet, but he will propel near the top once they are available for the 2026 class in Missouri. He is an intriguing prospect with a ton of upside, I’m excited to watch him develop over the next few years. Has a lot of intangibles that fit the Dan McDonnell offense.

Jordan Kievman (November 1)

Class of 2025 • OF/LHP • 6’2 • 165 LBS • Archbishop Hoban HS, Ohio

Kievman, the highest ranked commit of the last week or so (of the recruits that have been ranked), is ranked 6th in Ohio and 327th in the country. He is also a PBR Future Games participant.

On the mound, Kievman will not blow you away, topping out at 78 MPH, but he has very sound mechanics. Has the potential to be an elite left handed hitter, already with a very smooth, sweet swing. You can see here how easy he makes it look.

That’s a wrap (for now).

By the time I publish this, we may have two or three more commits, but I will update accordingly.

Go Cards, beat the Silverswords!