Memory lane - 4.5 yrs ago we were looking for a HC

Going through old fanposts and here was an old one back when you could post polls... What would you all say now? KP for at least two years? Are you glad we didn't end up with Tom Crean or Archie Miller? What's the updated list look like?



Forgetting the millions of ifs that might happen in the coming weeks and months, eventually Louisville will have a full-time Head Coach. I was checking out this old post about who might be the interim coach this season and thought it might be fun to imagine a future without 'interim'.

Again, putting aside the results of the ACC Tournament, the NCAA tournament, who might be the full-time President or AD, or the ultimate results of the FBI scandal, let's have a moment to fantasize about who we want to lead our team in the future.

The names mentioned in the post above: Tom Crean, David Padgett, Thad Matta, Chris Mack, Gregg Marshall, Buzz Williams, Scott Davenport, John Thompson III, and Lorenzo Romar. If you could have anyone, who would it be? Who would you want to avoid altogether?

What about Tony Bennett? Richard Pitino? Mick Cronin? Archie Miller? Brad Stevens?