One and dones (please, I don't want none)

Finally we're free of that damn Indianapolis-based Salem-inspired group of puritans so I can turn to what concerns me next about Louisville basketball. One and dones.

We hired Kenny who as far as I can tell helped UK bring in their stables of one and dones. That doesn't appeal to me. Can any of you give me a good reason why I should be happy about that at UofL? UK won an NC with a roster that was loaded with talent. Their coach isn't a floor coach and having soon to be NBA players was the only way they could pull off that win. Why in the world does that appeal to anyone? Wouldn't we want a Villanova or Virginia model, teams that were talented but grew even better with each passing year? Players that were coached well on the floor as well as off?

So, Kenny now gets to compete with UK and all the other schools for the best players around who won't have Louisville on their jerseys for more than five months before they trade it in for the Pelicans or who the hell cares. And while we don't have the grim reaper lurking it's far from an even playing field when we compete in state with UK and in conference with Duke and UNC and with whatever the hell Adidas is for us and Kansas. So we'll get some good folks and pray they mesh well for a year to get us some wins and then they leave and we learn the next crop's names? Like we're UK fans?

Tell me I'm absurd. That I'm not a good fan. That it's ok that our coach is only good at recruiting because that's all that's important. I still prefer Edgar Sosa (international/Iraqi basketball league), Russ Smith (Israel), Luke Hancock (Greece), Kyle Kuric (Europe), Montrezl Harrell (NBA), Gorgui Dieng (NBA), and yes Donovan Mitchell though he didn't stick around four years he was here longer than one. At least they have a connection with the university and the city. You think Zion Williamson talks about his time at Duke and returns to North Carolina to promote the university?

This evolution may get worse with NIL. I don't blame the kids trying to make money for their talent. It's a crummy system that they will want to take advantage of. Unfortunately we the fans, we're the ones being taken advantage of. I guess they haven't expanded the tournament yet, so there's a silver lining.