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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

Who among us would dare the rest to believe he or she might have agreed with this statement before the season began?

Five P5 coaches will be fired before Auburn’s Bryan Harsin?

Right. And you, the guy over in the corner who almost had the audacity to start to raise your arm, credit for not following through.

Plus, there’s nothing that in and of itself is the paradigm for the current state of college pigskin than the termination of favorite homie Paul Chryst at Wisconsin, that bastion of old school rock solid midwestern values.

As if we didn’t know it is a new day when Money Talks and Anybody The Admin Wants To Walks.

Who’s got next? Anybody below?

(Did I fail to mention how I did last week? Yes, talk about avoidance. 1-4, awright, now let’s move on.)

This week’s winners:

Texas Christian @ Kansas. Sonny Dykes pulled him a Rick Pitino, jumping from an arch rival to the hated enemy. Both schools with religious affiliations. Southern Methodist to Texas Christian. You know, in Texas it’s football first, then the Holy Trinity. Having just crushed Oklahoma, his seat is most comfortable. But not quite as much as Lance Leipold at America’s new fave Kansas. From 2-10 to 5-0, Top 25, host of Game Day, and top of the list of every school in the Heartland with a vacancy, and even some of those who haven’t pulled the plug yet. LL can be sittn’ in any seat he dang well wants to. Can Rock Chalk Jayhawk bear up under the scrutiny and become the first contingent in the land to be bowl eligible? Sure, why not.

Utah @ UCLA. Despite a disappointing opening L in the Sunshine State, the seat of Utes’ Kyle Whittingham? Safe. 18 seasons More than two Ws for every L. Still savoring a visit to the Tournament of Roses. Coach can get that Barcolounger reupholstered in any shade of virgin naugahyde he wishes. The same is not quite true for counterpart Chip Kelly, whose cushions were more than a bit warm at season’s beginning, with a surprising and disappointing 18-25 ledger coming into the year. But the Bruins are 5-0 with victories over 4 rummies and Top 15 UDub. The Rose Bowl might actually be more than half full for this “big” Left Coast battle. Bruins.

Florida State @ NC State. No coaching turmoil here, despite the actuality that this is the ACC’s Get Back On Track Bowl of the Week. Seminoles lost at home to Wake. Wolfpack couldn’t outgnarl the Tigers for a second season in a row. I couldn’t help but smile when I flipped on the Floria State game last week to see them beaten long. The defender: Greedy Vance. Dave Doeren’s players over Mike Norvell’s.

South Carolina @ Kentucky. Neither coach in a bit o’ trouble. Cats bounce back.

Louisville @ Virginia. Tony Elliott has not quite set the Chinstrap Nation on fire during his first year in Charlottesville. 2-3 and a considerable home dog against the visiting Cardinals. Whose coach has vaulted to the upper echelon of the Dead Man Walking gang. He hints he may give up some of the play calling duties. Operative word: Hints. Will Satt beat Harsin to the front of the unemployment line after this Saturday? No. Cards prevail.

— c d kaplan