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Film Review: Louisville stunned by Lenoir-Rhyne

Had to be done.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 20 Detroit Mercy at Louisville Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-Back for another season of After the Buzzer and I could not be more excit…*checks score*…oh. Well, let’s rip this band aid off and get it over with so we can move on. Let’s go.

-El Ellis has GOT to be smarter when it comes to fouls. He can’t be overly aggressive when he has two in the first half or three early in the second half. You can make up points, you can’t get fouls taken away. We saw what happens when he is not on the floor. Well, we didn’t see what happens. There was not much to see.

-The lazy defense and lack of blocking out is embarrassing to watch. I coach high school girls here in Louisville and we are preaching to them every day about these very things. To see an ACC team not doing these simple things is just bad. Not fighting through screens, just watching shots go up and not putting a body on an offensive player. Just…not good.

-The Cards forced eight turnovers. Am I talking about football or basketball? You decide.

-Louisville had seven assists as a team. El Ellis had six of them.

-I guess Jae’Lyn Withers was the lone bright spot in this game. He shot the ball well and was aggressive going to the basket, but even he had some lazy moments or bad defensive lapses. On the film review, you will see a clip where UofL had a five on four advantage, Roosevelt Wheeler gets the ball and stops (with a clear path and no defender on him), and Jae’lyn is just standing there straight up with no sense of urgency. Then he gets the ball, still with the numbers advantage, and just passes it.

-Attendance shows 12,510. I’ll take the under.

-If you get time, I encourage you to watch Kenny Payne’s post-game press conference. He tells you how he coaches and things they preach in practice. Sometimes it just does not translate into the game for whatever reason. He does not want to walk the ball up the court. He does not want a guy to catch the ball and hold it without attacking. They did these things. You can lead a horse to water…

-No need to write a novel about this one. It was bad, we all know it. The film review clips will tell their own story. I am still buying what KP is selling. Should we have lost? No. But I am not getting too bent out of shape over his first exhibition game in what is hopefully a long and successful tenure here. As always, thank you for reading. Go Cards…Go Krogering!

-*Wake Forest just turned the ball over again.*

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