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After the Buzzer: Duke

Duke v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-It’s been a while, but I figured this post should finally make a return on a day where there seemed to be a buzz and new life within the fanbase, so let’s get to it.

-I’ll go ahead and get this stat out of the way since it was the story of the game for me. Duke had 20 offensive rebounds and Louisville had 10. The second chance points were 22-5 in favor of the Blue Devils. Sometimes it’s as simple as rebounding the ball, and for me that was it in this one. The Cards made one less free throw but two more threes than Duke, so you can’t really point to those. But they also had nine less shot attempts and five less makes. Offensive rebounds for Duke made all the difference in this one.

-Need a bucket? El Ellis says he is not afraid to go get you one. He played with no fear and was a huge spark off of the bench for the Cards with 18 points on 7/16 shooting and 3/6 from three. He also had two assists with zero turnovers.

-While Ellis took over a lot of the second half, the first half positives belonged to Dre Davis. With the Cards down by 16, Davis went on his own 7-0 run to keep Louisville from getting run out of their own gym. He ended up with 16 points on 7/13 shooting, two rebounds, three blocks, and one steal. Good Dre Davis is certainly a fun one to watch.

-Combined stats for Noah Locke, Sam Williamson, and Matt Cross: 50 minutes, nine points, 2/8 shooting, seven rebounds, zero assists, zero steals, zero blocks, three turnovers. Yeah, going to need more than that.

-The walk by Malik at the end of the half. Brutal. Just pass the ball. Also when you are leading the break, just pass the ball.

-Denny Crum is a treasure and it was really cool seeing he and Coach K have their moment before the game.

-Sydney Curry got absolutely destroyed on his attempted dunk where he stayed on the floor for an extended amount of time. Just because he is massive does not mean that people don’t foul him. In fact, they probably foul him even more out of necessity. I promise you are allowed to call those, no matter how big he is.

-The crowd seemed really into it. Coming back from down 16 to be in a fight the rest of the way was very promising and encouraging. From booed off the floor last game to having the biggest crowd of the season this game, it was nice to just see some positives out there for this team. Hopefully the rest of the season is fun to watch and the team can scrape together some wins along the way.

-If he doesn’t end up as a head coach at another school, finding a place for Mike Pegues somewhere on the next staff would be just fine with me. That guy appears to get it.

-As always, I appreciate you checking this out. Go Cards…Go Krogering!

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