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Pierce Clarkson Commits to Louisville Football

Pete Thomas put in the effort and it has paid off.

Central Arkansas v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Louisville got some huge recruiting news this morning with Pierce Clarkson announcing via ESPN that he is committing to play Quarterback at Louisville.

Clarkson is a four-star prospect from St. John Bosco High School in California and he is one of the most sought after recruits in the 2023 class. His offer list includes Oregon, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Kentucky, IU, Purdue, Colorado, Michigan State, and others. According to the ESPN report from Pete Thamel, Clarkson bought 13 billboards around the city of Louisville to announce his commitment.

Pete Thomas made Clarkson a priority shortly after taking over as the Quarterbacks coach last year. After offering Khalib Johnson for the 2022 class, he set his sights on Clarkson even though he lives thousands of miles away. Thomas made countless trips out west to court Clarkson and he got him to UofL’s campus twice before this weekend where he will be able to sell his commitment to other top recruits from around the country. With the struggles that UofL had with recruiting quarterbacks over the last few years, I can’t say enough about how big this is for Thomas as Scott Satterfield.

Clarkson is a dual-threat quarterback with good speed in the open field but he is the son of a quarterbacks coach and it shows in his film. Clarkson does a great job of moving in the pocket while also being able to keep his eyes down the field to find receivers. His offense utilizes some zone read and he can make plays with his legs that way or when plays break down. What is most impressive about his game, in my opinion is his accuracy into small windows. He can hit guys in coverage by putting the ball where only they can make a play. He also has a strong arm and should have no problem making throws to the sideline and outside the hashes.

Louisville has about 40 players expected on campus this weekend. Two of those players are teammates of Clarkson’s while two others have worked out with him at recent camps and likely at other camps in the past. Having a quarterback with this type of profile and personality could be huge for this recruiting class. Clarkson has a vision for how he can build this recruiting class and he started months ago when he and several other west coast recruits visited for the Clemson game. The staff has put forth a ton of effort to land this kid and they get a lot of credit for pulling this off in impressive fashion.