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The Chris Mack era at Louisville appears to be coming to an end

Sooner than anyone could have imagined.

Notre Dame v Louisville Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The University of Louisville Board of Trustees and the University of Louisville Athletic Association Board of Directors have called a joint meeting for 4 p.m. on Wednesday to “discuss proposed or pending litigation and personnel matters.”

The “personnel matters” at issue involve the future of Louisville men’s basketball coach Chris Mack, whose scheduled Tuesday night radio show has been canceled. Sources tell Card Chronicle that a negotiated buyout of Mack’s contract is the most likely announcement to come out of the meeting.

Others both locally and nationally appear to have been told the same.

If Mack is indeed done at Louisville, it would seem far more likely than not that Mike Pegues would once again take over the program on an interim basis for the remainder of the season. Pegues was 5-1 as U of L’s interim head coach in November, when Mack was serving a six-game suspension.

Even though it had been tossed around by fans as a possibility for weeks now, I’m stunned that this marriage isn’t even going to make it through this season. I’m also more excited about the remaining six weeks of the season than I was 24 hours ago. Not because I think this team is going to make some sort of dramatic turnaround and crash the NCAA tournament or anything, but because I think (hope) they’ll play with more passion and be easier to root for.

Regardless, “gotta make him say no” and “saw him looking at houses” season has returned to The Ville at least two months earlier than expected.

Also, just four years after having an interim president, interim athletic director and interim head men’s basketball coach, U of L is about to have a different interim president, a different interim athletic director, and a different interim head men’s basketball coach.

Never boring. Let the rumor floating begin ... or continue, I guess.


Seems we’ll likely have the unofficial official word before the afternoon meeting happens.