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Seedy K’s GameCap: Virginia

This is going to be short and certainly not sweet.

But not nasty. I’ve moved beyond frustration, beyond dismay, beyond anger.

I’m numb to it all.

I ran into a fellow member of the Cardinal faithful today downtown, hadn’t seen him in awhile. We used to run into each other every halftime, picking up the 1st half stats in the Yum! lobby.

We just kind of meandered around a conversation.

With question marks in our eyes.

Doc called at the buzzer for our traditional post mortem.

I texted and said I just didn’t want to talk.

Not seeing my text, he redialed. We talked briefly.

With question marks in our voice.

* * * * *

I notice late Monday afternoon how differently I felt in advance than normal.

I was glad the Cards were going to play.

I was glad it was the early game.

I felt no pregame tension. I had no belief whatsoever they would prevail.

U of L fell behind 3-11 after three wide open Cavalier deuces.

U of L was down 10 after just 5:41 of play.

U of L was down 17 after just 8:09 of action.

Generally listless, they were down 12, 23-35, at the break.

Louisville showed a smidge more energy after halftime.

They cut the disadvantage to 41-45 with 11:41 left.

Of course, a modicum of hope arose. Though I knew better than to get really pumped.

A 7-0 Virginia run for a dozen point margin soon got the game back to where it was going to be all along.

Another double digit University of Louisville Cardinal defeat.


Punctuated by an argument during a timeout between the Cards leader/ captain, and the fellow who was supposed to be U of L’s best player.

I have nothing left to say. Actually the above is nothing more than a space filling pro forma recap.

I mean, really, what is there?

Sorry, it’s all I got.

— c d kaplan